According to Slashdot

“Google has announced it is discontinuing support for Internet Explorer 9 in Google Apps, including its Business, Education, and Government editions. Google says it has stopped all testing and engineering work related to IE9, given that IE11 was released on October 17 along with Windows 8.1. This means that IE9 users who access Gmail and other Google Apps services will be notified ‘within the next few weeks’ that they need to upgrade to a more modern browser. Google says this will either happen through an in-product notification message or an interstitial page.”

What does this mean for Wishoo’s  clients?

Wishoo typically follows Google’s browser compliance and support policy. So, this means that retrieval sites we build for your event MAY not be supported in IE9 in the future.

This will not be an issue for some time to come as the vast majority of the sites we build currently run just fine in IE9. Where we run into some issues are if we are trying to merge our site with a complicated layout such as nested menus or some other complicated structure that we need to wrap around our application.

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