The M2M Capture module is a flexible component allowing you to capture photos, videos, or data for real-time or post-event use.

The Capture module is designed to increase brand identity as well as capture data at live events.

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Green screen photo and video

Wishoo are experts in Green Screen – whether it is green screen photos or video.

Animated GIFS

Animated GIFs are a unique way to add some photo appeal for your guests. Take several photos of funny faces and display them in Animated GIF form or take a sequence of actions shots and Animate them.

Bullet Time

Bullet Time is also commonly known as the Matrix Effect. With a gang of cameras all working together, you can display this effect for your guests, this increasing potential retrieval and data capture.


Wishoo has over 14 years of experience taking photos and videos at live events. We can apply any number of overlay or filter effects as we take the photo. Wishoo can also assist in printing backdrops for that red carpet feel at your event.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is another Wishoo specialty. Imaging taking a photo with an iPad of a guest in front of the stadium or branded vehicle and our software automatically inserts the mascot into the scene.

Gaming Apps

Need to different way to capture consumers attention? Try a gaming app. Imagine a Spin to Win app on an iPad that allows guests to spin for a prize.


Tired of Paper and Clipboard? Wishoo’s proprietary software allows us to quickly develop iPad data collection applications customized for your event. Whether it is simply first name, last name, email and an opt-in or a more complex, multi-page survey, Wishoo can get you live with immediate upload and access to data with our dashboard module.
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