In today’s modern world, consumers expect multiple channels to retrieve their event image or video. Wishoo has always been and always will be on the cutting edge of technology and content delivery systems.

M2M Quick Mail

M2M Quick Mail is an instantaneous email delivery system. As the guest is walking away from the process, they get an email with their photo or link to their video where they can share via their social channels while they are still at the event.


Our Text Messaging is great for demographics that might not have as ready access to email as others. In that case, ask for mobile number and the photo or link to video will be sent via SMS or MMS to their photo for retrieval.

HTML5 Responsive Microsites

All of our microsites are HTML 5 Responsive by default. That means your site will look good on the guest’s laptop, tablet or smart phone. Any logos and text will re-size so guests do not have to pinch and zoom to see your message.
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