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It is a social sharing world, whether your are at a live event or eating dinner. Wishoo allows sharing via most social media channels that allow access to their network.



Social Sharing via multiple channels

Our social sharing options allow sharing directly from an email or a microsite. We also have options for live event sharing via kiosks at your event.

On-Site Instant Share

Our On-Site Instant Share is a great option for live event sharing via kiosks at your event. The photo gets uploaded while the guest walks over to the sharing kiosk and can immediately share via their social media channels before they leave the area.


Share via email instantly or post-event. The guest is emailed their photo with facebook and twitter option to share directly from the email. They can also forward the email to others.


Our traditional method. Guests visit a microsite either via a link in an email or via URL imprinted on a card with a unique retrieval number. Once retrieved, the guests can share from the microsite via their social media channels.
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Founded in May of 2000, Wishoo has served the event marketing industry with innovative ways of engaging consumers and capturing data at events. Our unique blend of marketing experience and technological expertise continues to make Wishoo a fixture within the event marketing industry.

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