Wishoo Interactive Technologies is returning from Macau, China where we were proud to take part in the Intel Solutions Summit using our technology for event registration and ID badge printing with a photo.

Utilizing a client provided API to a registration database, we were able to print a variety of badges. Each badge contained the attendee’s photo, name and company and a category provided by the API (such as Staff, Employee, Sponsor, etc) and were also color coded to make it easy for security personnel to identify. The badge also featured a QR that allowed scanning and tracking session attendance

Approximately 60% of badges were pre-printed, and the rest were printed on-site via our on-site print station.


  • API Integration
  • 4×6 photo badge printing
  • Logic algorithm based on client key to determine badge color / type
  • QR code printed on badge to scan and track session attendance
390968-badge-8 (2)

Sample Badge


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