Project Description


How would you like to be in the end zone of your favorite NFL team’s stadium?

We helped fans attended selected NFL Training camps do just that with Bullet Time Animated GIFs!

In Atlanta, Houston, Indianapolis and Chicago, fans were able to visit the NFL Network and XFinity tent. While in line, we pre-registered attendees on iPads, collecting
name, email and an opt-in and also choosing their background.

Once in the tent, Wishoo’s bullet time camera system captured 10 photos of the participant from different angles, and produced an animated GIF which was then uploaded to a
microsite. Guests also received a 4×6 print from one of the cameras as an immediate take-a-way. The animated GIFs where then emailed to the email provided where recipients
could share on Facebook & Twitter.

Technologies featured:

  • iPad registration
  • Bullet Time photography
  • Animated GIFs
  • Print on-site
  • Green Screen
  • Multiple overlays and backgrounds
  • Email with social sharing
  • Microsite with social sharing